why do I write so much poetry when I used to hate it? I suppose they'd be songs if I could sing...
soo.... this is in ANTI-chronological order. Newest posts at the top.

Because you don’t
Let it flow
Oh no you don’t
Let it flow oh oh
No, why don’t you?
Let it flow?

I don’t know
what to say
I don’t know
what to do
All I know is
I care for you

So, I’m sitting here,
Writing poetry
And you sitting there
Staring at a screen
Waiting for my reply

Good god
How do we all not scream?

edit 11pm same day

I see you
And I see them
And I see me

And if you want to hurt her
You’re going to have to go through me
For reasons of the heart connected to my head
You’d have to go through me
And I know you would never want to
And I know I’m not standing here alone
So you’re going to have to go through me
A threat I can support

It seems that if you want to hurt him
You’ll have to go through me?
For reasons of the heart unconnected to my head
You’d have to go through me
And I know you’d probably want to
And I know I’m standing here alone
And I don’t want to
But for some cursed reason
You’re going to have to go through me
Not a threat I know, but a fact so.

I think it’s truth
I think I fell in love with truth.
I have fallen in love with that god, that heart of ice
So much like my own
I have fallen in love with truth

Run, run faster
Run from the footsteps
Run, run faster
Run like a rabbit from the gun
Run, run faster
as your legs and your lungs are burning
as your heart and brain are pulsing
Run, run faster.
because the choice to stop 
is utterly yours
and so Run
Run faster

 Part 1

I was there for you

there for you
I held your hand
and I smiled

I held you best I could
I said what I though was right
I tried to make you feel better

but that was too much of a reach for you.

I have a sick taste in my mouth
at the though of you
my ally, my friend

I fought for you
and you respond with an ice cold stare

so thank you
thank you for not being there
I like to see true colours
Such a shame it took me so long


Part 2

My stomach is cramped up
all due to you

I know, perhaps you did your best
we are all only human.
but how hard is it to say you are there?
thats all anyone wants to here.

so thank you
my issues are coming crawling back
scars, old and new, splitting my skin
my heart, was defrosting
now I'm scared I'll have to freeze it again.

because i dont want to freeze
I want to tear off this mask
I want you to see and understand

but I won't.
because I'm scared that the ice
the stone walls
are the only thing keeping my heart together


Part 3

But I refuse to fall apart

so I looked to where the sun sets
to the only queen I'll ever need

she helped me up from where you had dropped me
where you had left me
she tied me all up with brown paper and string
those two most unremarkable things
her fractured works working mystically on my soul
pulling me away from any self inflicted satan pit

so here's to you
you unstoppable angel
you heaven sent treasure
surrounded by demons
a diamond, lighting up and brightening up
all that surrounding soot and coal
blowing life into the dying embers of broken hearts
into sodden souls, mournful minds!

they say altruism is a fools hope
a lie to make up aim for the unreachable

but I look at you.

oh how I look
and how I wonder.