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Tis Here!

Lady Venice Rain, Knight of Queen Kallista the benevolent, Daughter of Ann-Marie (a woman who needs no title) betrothed of the inventor Sir Niall Montblanc, and enemy to any and all evil, was not happy. Well, that’s putting it lightly… more accurately, she was severely pissed off. Seething, she stormed down one of the castles many corridors, heading to confront the source of her anger; Prince Consort Dragona, husband of Queen Kallistas, Lord of all he saw fit, Baron of saying whatever he damn well wants, regardless of the consequences! And, of course, the most talented fighter the kingdom had ever seen. So, naturally, upon his proposal to the warrior Queen, she had accepted. Venice kicked out at the thought as she rounded the corner.
“OW!!” said the thought. Venice span, shocked out of her reverie, eyes scanning frantically for the source. She sighed when she discovered it.
“Hey Gep.” She said calmly, and started to help him up awkwardly off the ground. “So how’s the air down there?” she asked, then noticed just how bad a state he was in. “Merde Gepard, what happened? Actually, don’t answer that, I can guess. Now, was it worth it?” she asked, hoisting his arm over her shoulder, her feather-light frame sagging slightly under his weight.
“Oh, you know, the usual” he grinned, then winced due to a black eye and a spilt lip. She raised an eyebrow sceptically.
“Well, perhaps a bit worse than the usual. He started it though!”
“And finished it too by the bloody look of you!” He hissed through gritted teeth as she shifted his weight as they rounded a corner with a small purple bush growing out of the stonework.
“I guess… wait, I’m bleeding!?”  She snorted, and would of punched his arm if he wasn’t in such a state.
“well, at least your sense of humour isn’t damaged”
“I think that’s about it though” he grumbled as they rounded the final corner, with the finish line of the infirmary finally in sight
“Hey Ven?”
“What Gep?”
“Before you ditch me, hows about a kiss for the invalid?” she laughed in reply
“Awww… please?” he whined teasingly
“Awww… nope!” she nodded at Dr Elviana, the castles head medicine woman. Quinn bit her lip as she took in Gerard’s injuries, and gestured to an empty bed. Venice helped him onto it, and his usual cheeky expression creased and winced. Quinn came over, and gave Gepard a quick once over shaking her head.
“He shouldn’t be too bad, but he’s going to have to stay in overnight” Gepard winced at the news, and Venice squeezed his hand reassuringly.
“You make sure he doesn’t get off scot-free again this time Rain. Not again, you understand?” she just squeezed his hand again. Quinn sighed, and then subtly motioned for Venice to follow her. Quinn bit her lip again, the pulled Venice into the storage cupboard for some privacy.
“Yes Quinn?” asked Venice, trying her best to look innocent
“Don’t Venice. What happened?” Venice adverted her eyes to the shelves near the floor.
“He pissed off Dragona…”
“Again!? Oh why won’t that boy learn!” Quinn looked at the distressed look on her friends face. “Oh Venice… He’s going to be fine, you know that.”
“I know… but he won’t stop getting into these fights. And… and I don’t blame him”
“Venice… don’t do anything idiotic, please?”
“Quinn, I never do anything idiotic” Venice smiled, and started to open the door. She was stopped due to her arms being suddenly pinned to her sides in a non-violent and rather affectionate fashion.
In other words, a hug.
“Promise me you won’t do anything rash or stupid. And please don’t get into a stupid fight Promise me Lady Venice Rain, please”
“Okay Quinn… okay.” She broke off the hug, got down on her knee (not easy in the enclosed space) and place a hand over her heart.
“I, Lady Venice Rain, Knight of Queen Kallista etcetera, swear to you, Doctor Quinnera Elviana, that will I do my utmost best not to get into a fight without thinking it through first or unless my life or that of others is at risk. I swear this on my honour and soul.” Quinn nodded, and pulled Venice into a hug again. This one was of the bone-crushing variety
“Quinn, please, I need to go talk to… well, it was going to be Pine…” Quinn let her go. “But I think I’ll go talk to Kal. Or Lego. Or possibly NJ…” she walked out of the storage cupboard, holding the door open for Quinn, who stooped to pick up a glass vial full of an oily purple fluid before passing.
“Ladies ladies ladies, there is no need to hide in cupboards. There is nothing wrong with two lovely vixens such as yourselves appreciating each other, if you catch my drift. And” continued Gepard with a lewd wink. “I won’t tell if you don’t tell”
“Jealous, Gepard” asked Venice, taking it in her stride. Quinn, however, flushed, and lightly slapped his shin.
“Undeniably” he ignored the slap “You off then?”
“Yes. Believe it or not, there are more interesting people in this castle than you Mr Valk!”
“Lies! But Venice, what if I need a sponge bath and or a good rubbing down?”
“Then I’ll send down the fittest lad I can find” she replied, waving to him as she waltzed out the door.

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in my story - currently, it is Isabella.
did I mention its set in quasi-medival times?

so.... because it is NOT our OC's, it is us, more or less, I thought it best to ask for any desired occupations.

we live under the Benevolent Queen Kallista, who is married to Prince Consort Dragona. With... mixed feelings on the matter within the court.

Sir Octaboona Ambrosius (which I did NOT have to double check the spelling of!) is Head Poet.
I am Lady Venice Rain, a Knight of Queen Kallistas
NJ is my squire, and dresses as a boy.
Lord Pyro-Dawn Tyromant (Whos name I DID have to check the spelling of) is also a knight of Queen Kals
Gepard is a jester. Who gets into fights too often. Especially with a certain Prince...

okay, about everyone else. I would of made more of you knights, but many of you are very peaceful, so I am stuck there. (Damn you Tolkein!)

so, any ideas? (yes, Niall is my bethrothed here, but I want to wait till hes back before I write him in.)

Lego - Blacksmith exstordinnaire. (spelling fail I know... but hey, dark ages, NO OFFICAL SPELLINGS!!)
Ann Marie - she is my mummy and she shall be mine :3 also, Cheif Advisor to the crown.
Quinnera Elviana - Doctor! which means prt 1 is a-ok to go!
Jasmine is Kallistas lady-in-waiting

I think Niall shall be the inventor... just becuase *shrugs*

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too lazy to upload here ;p


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new blog! (I know, I have about 50) http://venicerain.blogspot.com/

Thats where all my stories will go. When I update it, I will also leave a message here. My art will still go on here and on deviantART. I just like it like this.

edit - MY LITTLE SISTERS BLOG - mrtreeandco.blogspot.com

Call me Billy-Ray

swear word warning! (I'ts also more PG than I planned :/ )

“Hey there darlin’” said a man as he slid onto the stool next to Venice. He was blonde, handsome, well dressed, and in her more than tipsy state, his southern drawl more than made up for the fact he was wearing sunglasses inside.
“I think you’ll find I’m not your darling, cowboy” she tipped back the last of her glass of absinthe. He laughed
“I ain’t a cowboy... Texan though, and proud. But damn, you do have a complicated accent don’t you dar...” she raised an eyebrow at him when he started that last word, and he grinned.
“So, miss cryptic angel, what’s your name then? Mines Billy-Ray, and I dare say you could call me whatever you like” he raised his eyebrows quickly, flirtingly, and she tilted her head so she was looking at him out of the corner of her stunning eyes
“Mines Venice, Billy... so what makes you think you can just disturb an innocent woman, hmm?” she asked playfully. The lighting of the bar cast dark shadows over her face, so that her sea-green eyes glinted alluringly through her hair. He tilted his head back and yet another grin snuck onto his face.
“Well Venice, the real question is how could I not... and I’m sure glad I did” Venice bit her lip. His expression was hard to read with those sunglasses on, and that made the sober, war hardened part of her wary. Not to mention the fact that he seemed familiar... not his face, no, she was certain she had never met him before, but there was definitely something.  She realised with a start that she had fazed out. He was still grinning though, drinking her in through those dark lenses. She smiled at him teasingly
“Tell you what, buy me a drink, and perhaps, if you are very lucky, I might just tell you where this accent of mine is from.”
“Hows about a Whiskey, because I have yet to find a decent person to turn down a decent bourbon.” she raised her empty glass and widened her grin in agreement.

They burst out laughing again, earning themselves dirty looks from the other patrons. This wasn’t the kind of bar usually filled with raucous laughter, but they were both far to wasted to care. The barman had noticed this, and shot them a look and jerked his head to the door. Leaning on each other slightly, they sauntered outside into the uncharacteristically hot English night.
“Fucking hell, I’ve never seen London this hot at night before” she leaned against the wall of the bar, suddenly lethargic in the heat. Well, the heat and all that sweet sweet alcohol... and a companion almost as intoxicating, who was now leaning with one hand on the wall, the other stroking her waist.
“You sure as hell got that right...” something about the way he said it suggested that he was talking about more than the cities anomalous temperature. He leaned in and she straightedge up, shifting her weight against him, her hands snaking up to his shoulders. His slid tighter around her waist, pulling her even closer, his face leaning in... she turned her face, still teasing, but his lips continued to brush her skin
She leant back slightly... there was still something she couldn’t place... and as devilishly tempting as he was, she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong... as if he was a... well, a bad-guy. She frowned momentarily, but moved her hands to tighten round his back. She felt him grin as he worked his way down her neck. She was about to bring her face to meet his, but then the hairs at the back of her neck started to prickle. She tensed, years of conditioning setting in, trusting her intuition. He stopped, and turned his face up so he could see hers
“What is it darlin’?” she shook her head, scanning the rooftops and ally’s. She loved London, but held no delusions about its true nature, especially at this hour.
A figure dropped effortlessly from a rooftop, graceful. Even in her inebriated state, her finely tuned mind disregarded the fact it was night, and brought one word up to the surface
“Vampire” she whispered. Even so, she was still perplexed. The vampire was walking calmly towards them, showing no signs of aggression. In fact, he seemed bored. Her rampant curiosity stopped her from running. Her father did say that it would be the death of her. Billy-Ray made a sound of irritation deep in his throat and turned to meet the newcomer.
“Sanguine. Its time”
Venice’s eyes widened. Her mind had sparked, made that final connection, clarified and authenicated that feeling. The Vampire Dusk. Billy-Ray Sanguine, hit-man and mercenary. Both worked for Baron Vengeous himself. She backed away, aghast and disgusted at herself. Sanguine turned back to her, while Dusk turned on his heel and left
“Ignore him, Venice darlin’. He’s just fuckin’ ‘round” he pleaded slightly. However, his face hardened when he saw her dark expression.
“Billy-Ray Sanguine... you worked for Vengeous during the war, didn’t you?” her stance was on the defensive. He cursed under his breath.
“Irish, ain’t you?” he asked tersely. She nodded curtly in answer.
“Half. I fought behind the Dead Men. I retrieved the Key of Solomon! I...” She was furious with herself. How could she of been so foolish!? Never ignore your instincts, how many times had her father told her that!?
“You just keep tellin’ yourself that darlin’. The fact of the matter is you want me, and you knew full well who I was. And I know who you are darlin’; Venice goddamn Rain, so go runnin’ with that fuckin’ knife of yours. You won’t catch me, not today my drunken angel.” The ground splintered underneath his feet, and he declined into the ground. She let out a scream of exasperation. Idiot idiot IDIOT! Suddenly the wall behind her crumbled and she whirled, just in time to feel two hands pinning her hands to her sides, and a mouth smashed against hers. She used the only weapon left to her. It wasn’t pretty, and far from honourable. But then again, so was forcing a snog so violently.
Sanguine crumpled to the floor, hands clasped over his... manhood*. She kicked him again in the thigh for good measure, before waltzing off into the night in search of one of a cab. The last thing she heard was Sanguine cursing women, and an evil snicker from overhead. 

* http://onlineslangdictionary.com/thesaurus/words+meaning+penis.html and http://tonycoxhome.com/southern.htm the second one makes me want to write more XD

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“Lego Incongruous, they’re just shoes” sighed Venice, exasperated.
“No, it they were ‘just’ shoes I would have no problem. The fact of the matter is, they are stupid high and pointy. I mean, how do you even expect me to walk in them!?” exclaimed Lego, glaring at the pair of 4 inch satin heels in Venice’s hands.
“You just put one foot in front of the other, but as you managed to walk in here, me telling you that is a bit redundant” said Niall, waltzing into the room and plonking himself on a chair, utterly nonchalant. Lego stuck her tongue out at him and flicked a stray ribbon of lavender hair over her shoulder, before turning to Venice to continue the argument. However, Venice had her arms folded, and was looking at Niall with a curious and suspicious look on her face.
“Niall dear?” she asked. Niall paled, but hid it well. Venice only used terms of endearment when she was irritated at someone.
“Yes Venice, my lovely?” he replied, not skipping a beat.
“Niall” she said, advancing “you wouldn’t happen to know where Dr Guenuine is, would you dear?”
“I can’t say for certain...” Venice’s death glare encouraged him to continue “but he did say something about chatting up the lovely - though not as lovely as you - lady outside, the one with the odd looking gloves and knives? And the amber streaked hair” Venice smiled to herself and nodded with a raised eyebrow. She placed her hand on her knees and leant down so she was just above Niall’s slouched eye level.
“So, Niall, are you telling me that the reason Finn isn’t keeping you in the other room, drilling information into you that could and probably will save your life and that of many others, is because he is chatting up my lesbian hit-man adoptive sister?”
Niall paled, realising that this was one of the rare occasions he couldn’t talk his way out, just as Finn paused by the doorway.
“Hey Ven. Have you seen Nia...” stopping mid sentence and widening his eyes at Niall. He snorted and exchanged at look with Venice, whose body language was now much more relaxed, and was smiling. He opened his mouth to ask her something, but she just waved her hand.
“Go on, take him. You know how impossible I find it telling off this one. And...” she said, reaching behind her to grab Lego, who was inching towards the door.
“I have to convince this one into a pair of heels.”


Me and my little little sister (who is awesome. no joke. and 12...) are planning on cosplaying (dressing up as chatachters) for the derek landy signing! But we need your help to decide...
A) Tanith Low and China Sorrows (Me as China... I have the eyes and the clothes XD and jr as Tanith.)
B) Female Billy-Ray Sangine and Springheeled Jack

also, if anyone else from the blog is coming to the Bromley one, want to meet up? Especially if also cosplaying, photocall? I sound like a perv, I know thought I might as well ask.

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so... I've been on my hols.

Its hot and nice and calm

but at home, in my city, there are riots. There is anarchy.

and its breaking my heart.

partly becuase I'm not there. Thats proably a good thing, logically. My family would freak out if the knew I felt this way. I'm talking house arrest.

heh, i think this is irory... I'm in Egypt writing about riots. heh.

apparently the local shopping centre was smashed up, along with some of the tram lines I use everyday. I have had little words from my friends, and I would bet my life people I know were on those streets.

I feel so... impotent, so furious. Because thats my home, my FUTURE! and its out of my hands. the way its almost was. I feel sick.

((also, I can't comment. I don't know why, but I can't. I'll be back home on monday. I send my love to everyone... yes, everyone, even Dragona. he must be feeling as bad as me at this point *weak smile*))

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I left this to the last min, didn't I?

ok, might be on the blog, deffo not chat!!

some more art MIGHT go on while I'm away, I get back on the 17th. I think.
ALL MY ART IS ON DEVIANT ART. http://lost-in-aether.deviantart.com/
 look in the scrapbook too.

love and jaffa cakes.

(I will be using an Ipod touch. I think that means I can come on the blog. Crap for typing though :/ )

Kal - *Licks face*
Niall - I have Kirby Krackle on my Ipod now XD
NJ - *hugsies*
Gepard - no perviness without me.

less than love to others... no hate though...

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MOAR Alena. This time, Bio thingies

Name: Alena ‘Ida’ Novikov (is referred to as ‘Athena’ by Romanov)
Age: 36
Mental state: Highly intelligent, officially schizophrenic, but actually sane. Appears moody and cold, but is actually quite sensitive, and hates getting close to people, as she believes it will always end badly. Trustworthy and honest if she sees the point.
Physical attributes: agile and fit. Blonde hair, stormy eyes. Can aim perfectly, but pretends it’s terrible due to not wanting to hurt others, and to avoid any connection with Romanov and the cult of
Faction: Neutral. Veteran of the  , and so is used to re-recruitment attempts. Currently works freelance as the ‘foremost talent in interpreting the mythological, legendary and historical’. Essentially any detectives or journalists go-to when lost or stuck. Spends most of her time solving ancient puzzles, which often involves breaking into museums. Was a professor, and loved it, but had to leave (reason unknown)
Loves: Gothic books, Noir, the rain, history, monomyths, puzzles, antiques (especially books)
Hates: Idiots, bigots, self-deluders
Relationships: Lukas Saar (only man she ever loves) Alexi Romm (adopted sibling) James Windsor-Smith (oldest and closest friend, they see each other as siblings, and always have)
Family: biological parents deceased. Father English, mother Siberian (they met at Oxford).

Name: Alastair Carter-Smith
British, highly intelligent, talented manipulator of people, which bores him, like most of the ‘normal’ world. Alena is his closest and oldest friend, bisexual, (long term relationships are rare, has never had a girlfriend, a few boyfriends) Alena is the only one who can and will trust him, and he refuses to manipulate her at all.
Age: less than a year younger Alena, which is a source of constant teasing from both sides.
Magic/Talents: Manipulation of people and their emotions, and can always tell when someone is lying,
Relationships: deeply repressed feelings for Alexi. Is often believed to be in love with Alena, and vice-versa
Occupation: Business man, anonymous charity benefactor.

Name: Lukas Sarr
Talents: Can see even the most hidden trap. Intelligent, but not massively. Tactical genius. Likes history, but impatient.
Family: estranged. Sister, Katlin Sarr.
Relationships: in love with Alena
Occupation: CEO of Sarr Security
Misc: left home at the age of 16, (parents were middle class, and believed in the hierarchy fully. They thought that the country was falling apart but still the best, and that leaders should be given more power, and listen to the people less)

Name: Katlin Sarr
Talents/ psychological state: was smart but now deeply scarred. Sees sex as a means to an end,
Occupation: Prostitute. Later buys off bordello to make it better, with some (unofficial and secret) help from Alistar but she is killed, leaving behind her young daughter, Pia (short for Piannia). Father unknown

Alexi is amazing, will upload hir later.... they work in a circus, NEED I SAY MORE!! Romanov is evil. and brilliant. and insane.

Meet Alena

my very first ideas about Alena, back when she was still nameless, and an alien.

The sky is silver, and rain falls, creating shining pools on the lifeless ground.  One of these icy mirrors is smashed fleetingly by an ill placed boot.
“Marvellous” sighs the boots owner, who raises a hand to his eyes and squints at the distant horizon, as if he forgot it ever existed. He turns his gaze to his companion, who is still striding ahead indifferently, her indomitable eyes searching the area, looking for something he can’t see.
“Alena...” he starts, but is shushed before he can continue. He smirks and shakes his head good naturedly, and returns to dodging puddles.

They are watched by no man.

Meanwhile, as the suns light barely peeks over a warm horizon, a tiny bird hops and pecks over the dusty ground. Its thoughts are focused on food and little else.
It is being watched.
Suddenly, the sun breaks through, igniting the land with shining light, and blinding the bird’s would-be hunter, a sandy haired boy. The sparrow flees without a second thought. The boy mutters and obscenity and trudges back to his home.

He is being watched, much like the bird. 


It had been a long day, exhausting, and not as worthwhile as she had hoped. Still, at least it wasn’t entirely pointless, she thought, flicking a strand of blonde out of her eyes, and delicately pulling out the box that concealed the priceless (to her, at least) fragments of parchment. Placing them on the desk, she slipped into the chair, and wrenched off her silt covered boots, grimacing at the pain. She sighed, placing her head in her hands, almost too tired to think. Almost. She sighed as she recalled the lethargia of the day, at the idiocy of some of those morons that called themselves scientists. She sighed again, and pushed herself up, resigned to a fitful slumber. But before she could even take a step, she froze. She had heard a noise, something that would be almost un-audible to any normal human, something that would be dismissed unconsciously by that most insensible sensible part of the brain.
However, Alena Ida Novikov was no normal human.
So, still frozen, she tensed, ready to spring, tiredness aside. She took a calming breath, and moved herself away from the desk, allowing herself more room to manoeuvre.
Breathing slowly, her heart pumping quickly, her bright eyes noticed a shadow on the floor. Her mouth twitched, recognizing the silhouette (and the audacity) and relaxed. A second after, she leant into the figure suddenly behind her back, and placed a hand on top of the one at her waist.
“You’re a silly man Lucas...” she breathed, a smile breaking her mouth.
“I blame you Alena my darling” he whispered back, starting them swaying lightly “You’re a very bad influence on me” he continued, teasingly
“Oh shush” she replied, turning into him as if dancing, reaching hand to push his hair out of his eyes. He opened his mouth, but she placed a finger on his lips. “Please my love” he sea-green eyes pleading, almost scared for once. He nodded, and she buried her head in his chest, still swaying to an inaudible waltz.
After forever or a second, she looked up at him again, her smile back, and silenced his lips with hers. They fell together, and all sleep was forgotten.