Thursday, 4 August 2011

MOAR Alena. This time, Bio thingies

Name: Alena ‘Ida’ Novikov (is referred to as ‘Athena’ by Romanov)
Age: 36
Mental state: Highly intelligent, officially schizophrenic, but actually sane. Appears moody and cold, but is actually quite sensitive, and hates getting close to people, as she believes it will always end badly. Trustworthy and honest if she sees the point.
Physical attributes: agile and fit. Blonde hair, stormy eyes. Can aim perfectly, but pretends it’s terrible due to not wanting to hurt others, and to avoid any connection with Romanov and the cult of
Faction: Neutral. Veteran of the  , and so is used to re-recruitment attempts. Currently works freelance as the ‘foremost talent in interpreting the mythological, legendary and historical’. Essentially any detectives or journalists go-to when lost or stuck. Spends most of her time solving ancient puzzles, which often involves breaking into museums. Was a professor, and loved it, but had to leave (reason unknown)
Loves: Gothic books, Noir, the rain, history, monomyths, puzzles, antiques (especially books)
Hates: Idiots, bigots, self-deluders
Relationships: Lukas Saar (only man she ever loves) Alexi Romm (adopted sibling) James Windsor-Smith (oldest and closest friend, they see each other as siblings, and always have)
Family: biological parents deceased. Father English, mother Siberian (they met at Oxford).

Name: Alastair Carter-Smith
British, highly intelligent, talented manipulator of people, which bores him, like most of the ‘normal’ world. Alena is his closest and oldest friend, bisexual, (long term relationships are rare, has never had a girlfriend, a few boyfriends) Alena is the only one who can and will trust him, and he refuses to manipulate her at all.
Age: less than a year younger Alena, which is a source of constant teasing from both sides.
Magic/Talents: Manipulation of people and their emotions, and can always tell when someone is lying,
Relationships: deeply repressed feelings for Alexi. Is often believed to be in love with Alena, and vice-versa
Occupation: Business man, anonymous charity benefactor.

Name: Lukas Sarr
Talents: Can see even the most hidden trap. Intelligent, but not massively. Tactical genius. Likes history, but impatient.
Family: estranged. Sister, Katlin Sarr.
Relationships: in love with Alena
Occupation: CEO of Sarr Security
Misc: left home at the age of 16, (parents were middle class, and believed in the hierarchy fully. They thought that the country was falling apart but still the best, and that leaders should be given more power, and listen to the people less)

Name: Katlin Sarr
Talents/ psychological state: was smart but now deeply scarred. Sees sex as a means to an end,
Occupation: Prostitute. Later buys off bordello to make it better, with some (unofficial and secret) help from Alistar but she is killed, leaving behind her young daughter, Pia (short for Piannia). Father unknown

Alexi is amazing, will upload hir later.... they work in a circus, NEED I SAY MORE!! Romanov is evil. and brilliant. and insane.

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