Friday, 12 August 2011


so... I've been on my hols.

Its hot and nice and calm

but at home, in my city, there are riots. There is anarchy.

and its breaking my heart.

partly becuase I'm not there. Thats proably a good thing, logically. My family would freak out if the knew I felt this way. I'm talking house arrest.

heh, i think this is irory... I'm in Egypt writing about riots. heh.

apparently the local shopping centre was smashed up, along with some of the tram lines I use everyday. I have had little words from my friends, and I would bet my life people I know were on those streets.

I feel so... impotent, so furious. Because thats my home, my FUTURE! and its out of my hands. the way its almost was. I feel sick.

((also, I can't comment. I don't know why, but I can't. I'll be back home on monday. I send my love to everyone... yes, everyone, even Dragona. he must be feeling as bad as me at this point *weak smile*))

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