Friday, 19 August 2011

Call me Billy-Ray

swear word warning! (I'ts also more PG than I planned :/ )

“Hey there darlin’” said a man as he slid onto the stool next to Venice. He was blonde, handsome, well dressed, and in her more than tipsy state, his southern drawl more than made up for the fact he was wearing sunglasses inside.
“I think you’ll find I’m not your darling, cowboy” she tipped back the last of her glass of absinthe. He laughed
“I ain’t a cowboy... Texan though, and proud. But damn, you do have a complicated accent don’t you dar...” she raised an eyebrow at him when he started that last word, and he grinned.
“So, miss cryptic angel, what’s your name then? Mines Billy-Ray, and I dare say you could call me whatever you like” he raised his eyebrows quickly, flirtingly, and she tilted her head so she was looking at him out of the corner of her stunning eyes
“Mines Venice, Billy... so what makes you think you can just disturb an innocent woman, hmm?” she asked playfully. The lighting of the bar cast dark shadows over her face, so that her sea-green eyes glinted alluringly through her hair. He tilted his head back and yet another grin snuck onto his face.
“Well Venice, the real question is how could I not... and I’m sure glad I did” Venice bit her lip. His expression was hard to read with those sunglasses on, and that made the sober, war hardened part of her wary. Not to mention the fact that he seemed familiar... not his face, no, she was certain she had never met him before, but there was definitely something.  She realised with a start that she had fazed out. He was still grinning though, drinking her in through those dark lenses. She smiled at him teasingly
“Tell you what, buy me a drink, and perhaps, if you are very lucky, I might just tell you where this accent of mine is from.”
“Hows about a Whiskey, because I have yet to find a decent person to turn down a decent bourbon.” she raised her empty glass and widened her grin in agreement.

They burst out laughing again, earning themselves dirty looks from the other patrons. This wasn’t the kind of bar usually filled with raucous laughter, but they were both far to wasted to care. The barman had noticed this, and shot them a look and jerked his head to the door. Leaning on each other slightly, they sauntered outside into the uncharacteristically hot English night.
“Fucking hell, I’ve never seen London this hot at night before” she leaned against the wall of the bar, suddenly lethargic in the heat. Well, the heat and all that sweet sweet alcohol... and a companion almost as intoxicating, who was now leaning with one hand on the wall, the other stroking her waist.
“You sure as hell got that right...” something about the way he said it suggested that he was talking about more than the cities anomalous temperature. He leaned in and she straightedge up, shifting her weight against him, her hands snaking up to his shoulders. His slid tighter around her waist, pulling her even closer, his face leaning in... she turned her face, still teasing, but his lips continued to brush her skin
She leant back slightly... there was still something she couldn’t place... and as devilishly tempting as he was, she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong... as if he was a... well, a bad-guy. She frowned momentarily, but moved her hands to tighten round his back. She felt him grin as he worked his way down her neck. She was about to bring her face to meet his, but then the hairs at the back of her neck started to prickle. She tensed, years of conditioning setting in, trusting her intuition. He stopped, and turned his face up so he could see hers
“What is it darlin’?” she shook her head, scanning the rooftops and ally’s. She loved London, but held no delusions about its true nature, especially at this hour.
A figure dropped effortlessly from a rooftop, graceful. Even in her inebriated state, her finely tuned mind disregarded the fact it was night, and brought one word up to the surface
“Vampire” she whispered. Even so, she was still perplexed. The vampire was walking calmly towards them, showing no signs of aggression. In fact, he seemed bored. Her rampant curiosity stopped her from running. Her father did say that it would be the death of her. Billy-Ray made a sound of irritation deep in his throat and turned to meet the newcomer.
“Sanguine. Its time”
Venice’s eyes widened. Her mind had sparked, made that final connection, clarified and authenicated that feeling. The Vampire Dusk. Billy-Ray Sanguine, hit-man and mercenary. Both worked for Baron Vengeous himself. She backed away, aghast and disgusted at herself. Sanguine turned back to her, while Dusk turned on his heel and left
“Ignore him, Venice darlin’. He’s just fuckin’ ‘round” he pleaded slightly. However, his face hardened when he saw her dark expression.
“Billy-Ray Sanguine... you worked for Vengeous during the war, didn’t you?” her stance was on the defensive. He cursed under his breath.
“Irish, ain’t you?” he asked tersely. She nodded curtly in answer.
“Half. I fought behind the Dead Men. I retrieved the Key of Solomon! I...” She was furious with herself. How could she of been so foolish!? Never ignore your instincts, how many times had her father told her that!?
“You just keep tellin’ yourself that darlin’. The fact of the matter is you want me, and you knew full well who I was. And I know who you are darlin’; Venice goddamn Rain, so go runnin’ with that fuckin’ knife of yours. You won’t catch me, not today my drunken angel.” The ground splintered underneath his feet, and he declined into the ground. She let out a scream of exasperation. Idiot idiot IDIOT! Suddenly the wall behind her crumbled and she whirled, just in time to feel two hands pinning her hands to her sides, and a mouth smashed against hers. She used the only weapon left to her. It wasn’t pretty, and far from honourable. But then again, so was forcing a snog so violently.
Sanguine crumpled to the floor, hands clasped over his... manhood*. She kicked him again in the thigh for good measure, before waltzing off into the night in search of one of a cab. The last thing she heard was Sanguine cursing women, and an evil snicker from overhead. 

* and the second one makes me want to write more XD


  1. Hahah. Sanguine is a sexy beast, innee?

  2. LAWL
    I love this that was KEWL

  3. thank you!

    'innee' Ann Marie? does not compute!?

    Will you be putting up a part 2??
    that would be AWESOME

  5. NJ
    there is no part 2 my dear :P I just have contuining storylines... buut yes, working on another part as I type