Saturday, 27 August 2011


in my story - currently, it is Isabella.
did I mention its set in quasi-medival times?

so.... because it is NOT our OC's, it is us, more or less, I thought it best to ask for any desired occupations.

we live under the Benevolent Queen Kallista, who is married to Prince Consort Dragona. With... mixed feelings on the matter within the court.

Sir Octaboona Ambrosius (which I did NOT have to double check the spelling of!) is Head Poet.
I am Lady Venice Rain, a Knight of Queen Kallistas
NJ is my squire, and dresses as a boy.
Lord Pyro-Dawn Tyromant (Whos name I DID have to check the spelling of) is also a knight of Queen Kals
Gepard is a jester. Who gets into fights too often. Especially with a certain Prince...

okay, about everyone else. I would of made more of you knights, but many of you are very peaceful, so I am stuck there. (Damn you Tolkein!)

so, any ideas? (yes, Niall is my bethrothed here, but I want to wait till hes back before I write him in.)

Lego - Blacksmith exstordinnaire. (spelling fail I know... but hey, dark ages, NO OFFICAL SPELLINGS!!)
Ann Marie - she is my mummy and she shall be mine :3 also, Cheif Advisor to the crown.
Quinnera Elviana - Doctor! which means prt 1 is a-ok to go!
Jasmine is Kallistas lady-in-waiting

I think Niall shall be the inventor... just becuase *shrugs*


  1. NICE, My Character is going to be AWESOME i can already tell!!
    Oh, i can just imagine the DRAMA it will entail!!

  2. I love teh idea VEnice! *hugs*
    Can I be like a samurai/ninja warrior queen? One who does not realy need to fight unless she is forced to but has the skill to do so. (and is very beautiful too)

  3. Who am I? *curious* Oh, I'm your mum, forgot. XD

  4. ooh...can I be a blacksmith? The whole muscley, fire welding, pleather wearing, nonviolent badassery is what I'm imagining...

  5. Ann - *hugs* YOU SHALL BE EVERYONES MUM!!!
    erm... well, the mother figure, at the very least ;)

    Lego - pleather, huh? consider it done :P

    NJ- its ME of course there shall be DRAMA!

    Kal - you are the most beautiful woman in all the land, and yes, the climax involves you fighting, with a big ass sword!!!

  6. Oooh! Sounds interesting!

    Can I be in it?

    Or have you no space left?

  7. Quinn you silly poo, of course there is room ^^

    you're so modest its unreal.

    how about being a doctor? you get to patch people up, make them feel better, and tell them off for being silly!