Wednesday, 5 October 2011

this is titled as 'people running'. How original....

People running, people screaming, thousands of faces, but none I want to see. Want? Need. I never had a choice.
Red dyes the streets, falling from those harmed by their beliefs.
“RUN” someone shouts. Not…her but a good voice none the less. So I run. I follow the voice, still shouting above the crowds and I herd the panicked along with me. I feel no fear, it left me when she went. But no time for this, for time is forever against us all. The chaos around me swirls and swells and the screams of thousands fills up my ears.
But then I hear. I hear Her voice and I don’t know how or why or even what she is saying but I push against the crowds towards the place where even the brave are running from. Because that is where she is. And I still don’t care I just run faster. And as my saviours scream my name I run towards the sound pushing against the current. And I’m no longer racing through bodies but over them, over the brave and the slow, the strong and the weak, those who dared to believe and died for it. And now there is nothing before me but a wall of death. And I search; I search for her eyes and her voice. But all I hear is an order. And everything is swirling and black and so quiet.


  1. WHOA Ven! Amazing piece of writing! Brilliant! creepy too! Scary. *hides bravely behind Ven*
    *hugs Ven*

  2. Zombieocalypse?
    Also, I love your first-person stuff.