Friday, 22 July 2011


If I'm drawing your OC, or you want me to (no promises) (if i know you and your a girl, I proably am) please give me some info about clothing ect. BECAUSE AWESOMENESS IS HARD TO CONVEY WITHOUT DETAIL.

I know some dessmaking slang and most neck and waist lines, so I'll be fine.

also, for the stuck - I love it. LOVE IT. look at online stores such as Asos (uk) and magazine websites such as Vogue. Or even military uniforms (random fact - the Nazi uniforms were designed by a Mr Hugo Boss.). Even the charachters favourite era or inspiration can help. (working backwards, we know Skullduggery likes the 1920s via his clothing [very Noir], and his music taste. [The Girl from Ipanema is Bossa Nova, which is heavily influenced by jazz, which was massive in the '20s]) I've now lost my train of thought...

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