Friday, 29 July 2011

"I cry out for order and find it only in art." - Helen Hayes

 an ode to the Internet, and what it symbolises. Or at least, what it could

My dear, you see, I see, and know
The order in the chaos
That’s my need
That’s all I need
In my deepest heart, at the start
And at the very end too

I need the freedom to be me
To be seen when I want to be
And hidden when I don’t
I need the freedom to see
All the bad
And all the good
All the sorrow
And the hope
All your evils
But, all theirs too

I want the people to be as one, and yet to be themselves too
I want the possible impossible
The certain uncertainties
And the hopeless hope

Because that’s today.
And I hope tomorrows too. 

- Venice Rain


  1. Venice that poem is AMAZING
    i love it really
    Plz write more poems soon :)