Tuesday, 27 December 2011


I am beautiful.
I personally prefer wearing make up, but I look fine without.

Women are told thats its a very good thing to be beautiful.
But only so long as they stay "pure".

Men are... well, what are they told? Most every compliment, it seems.
And staying "pure" is a negative thing.

So, I am beautiful.
So... so what?
how is this going to get me through life?
Perhaps I could model, but I have very little desire to have to deal with parties and drugs and fame and fakery.
I have no confidence to act, or ability to sing...
and, while on the topic of singing, why is it such a bad thing to sing or look like the opposite gender?
My only talent is arguing. And possibly drawing, but that is just practice.
But, I don't have the people skills to be a politician.
I'm currently facing the facts that I may have to drop out of school. Which, as someone who has always prized intelligence over everything, is... well, I am trying so hard not to cry.

but it's okay.
I am beautiful.
And pretty
And have nice hair... once its been dyed and curled and shined and faked.
But my eyes are nice, and my skin reasonably clear.
so, I shall have a perfect life, from this.

*thinks again*
But, I guess I will be okay, even if what I love and need isn't here right now. *smiles*


  1. Yes. You are beautiful But even more beautiful is your soul. You can do this Ven. You have more then most to make it in this world. You can do it.
    The one you love and need will be there soon. Just keep hanging on Ven. Do not belittle your intelligence to me VEn. You have more heart, more intelligence and more talent then a lot of people I have seen in my life. (And I have seen many)
    Love you VEn. DO not let your self drown needlessly in despair.

  2. I promise you it will be okay, and that I will always be behind you and beside you, no matter what may come our way.
    I love you.

  3. Ven, you're right, you ARE Beautiful.
    Be Happy and be yourself.
    You'll figure it out, as you are an Intelligent person.
    You're an amazing person.